Criminalized Book

Over a Chicken, of all things!
Cock Fighting in Our Society
An In-Depth Exploration
by Keith Maze

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THE ROOSTER: The fighting of roosters is an ancient sport. Historians tell us it’s the oldest sport excluding the hunt. He has been used as a symbol in nearly every religion in the world. He arrived on the first ships to America. He fought in the pits in Virginia by the same hands which signed the constitution.
 Today the Rooster Fight is outlawed in nearly every state. He is a 100 million dollar a year American business. His business is courage and he represents a heritage 1000’s of years old.


DVD - Interview with the Legendary Billy James

If there should ever be a hall of fame for cockers, Billy James will be in the inaugural class. He is to cockers what Hank Williams was to country music, what Babe Ruth was to baseball, and what Michael Jordan was to basketball.  
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Criminalized book by Keith Maze Cock Fighting

Billy James

Q: What do you like most about the Gamefowl world?
BJames: I love my chickens and the hundreds of friends that have helped me enjoy the sport. It's a way of life for me. I wouldn't change a thing!

Criminalized book by Keith Maze Cock Fighting

Let’s face it. All animals of slaughter are killed by human hands but due to unfair laws against gamefowl they are now being criminalized over a chicken. Chickens are killed by the trillions each day for food.

In today’s world when you eat chicken you never think about the killing of the bird it just taste good. You just have clean hands from the blood spilled just buying it. Farmers really understand the process. These birds are property, just as a cattle is to a farmer. These gamefowl farmers don’t want to break laws. They wish to change them.

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Criminalized Book by Keith Maze

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